" in memory of loved ones lost and in honor of lives affected"

At Commit 2 Conquer Cancer, we believe that every person diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer should have access to assistance for costs associated with cancer treatment, recovery, and survivorship when in need, and every person at risk for breast and ovarian cancer should be empowered to prevent disease occurrence and detect the disease at an early stage when treatment may work best.

We raise funds to provide programs that reduce challenges faced by uninsured and medically under-served breast and ovarian cancer patients and deliver assistance to at risk populations in need of access to medical care and health information.

Our Mission

Improve the lives of people affected by breast and ovarian cancer with resources that support overall wellness.


Our Vision

Eliminate the onset and reduce the impact of cancer. 

About Us




Our Story

The loss of a dear friend to breast cancer in 2012, loss of a best friend to ovarian cancer in 2013, and a breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 was just the beginning.  A continual struggle to obtain access and information needed to help with unpleasant symptoms and side effects related to changes in appearance, ongoing pain, and depression coupled with repeated denials for financial assistance followed. 

Dealing with cancer proved to be the most painful physical, stressful financial, and challenging mental experiences of a  lifetime. The life altering  events and devastating route to recovery would not be the end, but the beginning of a commitment to conquer cancer in memory of loved ones lost, and in honor of lives affected. 

In 2015, Commit 2 Conquer Cancer was founded with the support of family and friends as a way to inspire a ripple effect of action and support to make a substantial difference in the lives of many.