Our programs serve as an answer to the growing demand  of unmet needs faced by people affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Direct support is provided to assist individuals to endure cancer treatments, cope during recovery, and improve overall health. 

Comfort Care Bag

Research findings have demonstrated that mind matters in cancer survival. Interventions that provide emotional and social support may help patients adjust to their condition, uplift their spirits, and can lead to better outcomes. Our Comfort Care Bag program was developed to symbolize hope and show support during a difficult time. Duffel bags for men and tote bags for women are filled with practical care and comfort items to boost patient’s spirits and make treatments more bearable.  


The 2018 program has ended. 

2019 Comfort Care bags available soon.

Fuel for Treatment

Transportation to and from treatment is an important and often overlooked aspect of cancer care. Out of pocket costs related to transportation expenses continue to cause financial hardship resulting in treatment delay or withdrawal. Our Fuel For Treatment gas gift card program serves to relieve some of the financial burden of transportation for qualified Georgia residents, diagnosed with breast or ovarian caner, so they can access necessary and appropriate cancer care.  

The 2018 program has ended. 

2019 Fuel for Treatment gas cards will be available soon.

Sule & Washington

Cancer continues to be a significant health problem. The financial challenges that people with cancer face can be devastating. The Sule & Washington Hope Program provides financial assistance for many of the costs associated with cancer, its treatment, and recovery. We partner with qualified health care professionals to ensure access to and receipt of medically necessary and recommended care to increase the ability to carry on with everyday life and improve the overall health of society. 

2019 assistance will be available  soon.